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You require an internet connection and the latest Flash Player to use Pearson eText in your browser. You can also use the Pearson eText app on your iPad, which requires iOS 4.2 or higher. Title subscription must be done outside of the app.
Yes, it runs from a web page, so it would be like 30 students all visiting the same web page at the same time. There should be no performance issues.
Yes it will work, but will be slow to load just like most other web pages on dial up.
At the moment, Pearson eText will work on the iPad, via the Pearson eText app. Pearson eText will not work on smartphones (or iPod touch) yet. We will have an Android app available by the end of 2011.
You can download the free Pearson eText app from iTunes. It requires iPad iOS 4.2 and a valid Pearson eText username and password. Note that not all titles are available yet on the iPad. You will need to register for your Pearson eText online before accessing it on your iPad.
No, there is no embedded email program. The only way to communicate is by a teacher sharing notes with students.
Each student must log in individually, so there is no way to work collaboratively yet. We are working on creating a way for students to share notes with each other on their desktops. On the iPad, students can work collaboratively by creating and sharing their notes via a "Study Group."
A Study Group allows you to share notes with other students when you're sitting around a table or connected to the same WiFi network. You tap "Create" to start a new Study Group, or tap "Join" to join an existing Study Group.
No, not through the note-sharing tool. A possible solution is for a teacher to login to a student's eText (using the student's login information) and leave a note for the student on a particular page.
Yes, more content and upgrades are constantly being added to Pearson eText. Watch for announcements on the login page (
New functionality is constantly being added to eText. Some recent enhancements include a new bookshelf, a new notes manager, a new audio player, a new interactive glossary, new whiteboard functionality, and improved search function. Check the New Features tab on We now have an eText app available for both iPad and Android tablets.
There are some eTexts that contain Smart Lessons, but not all eTexts have them.
No, Smart Notebook requires PDF files, and our eTexts are Flash based.
The only way a student can gain access to another student's eText is through sharing of login information. Also, no more than 2 users can be logged in to the same eText at the same time.
When an account expires, the student or teacher will no longer have access to Pearson eText or their notes and work. In order to maintain access to notes and work, a user will need to renew their account with a new access code before their existing account expires. If a teacher changes school mid-year, the account is supposed to stay with their original school. So, a teacher would have to share their login information with their original school. If a teacher chooses to take their account with them to the new school, the original school would need to purchase a new teacher account.
We are not familiar with the functionality of all text readers. If your text reader will work with Flash-based web pages, then there should be no issues.